​​​​K9 Sniffin' MT


1- Foundation -Odor importance

2- Problem Solving skill building

3- Handler leash work
4- Search area set up and hide placement for training -

     By building skill sets in the 4 areas above we can better understand the search area Odor Picture as portrayed by our dog and develop needed handler and team skills sufficient to identify our dog's odor communication when working odor to source, working non productive areas and learn to understand the differences between pooling and trapping odor, converging odor and source odor from the start line to source location. To do this we focus on ODOR and let odor be our teacher.


Dana will tailor coaching to the individual team.  You will be given individual and specific handling tools to increase your ability to listen and simultaneously allowing your dog more freedom to make choices and search independently

Dana is excellent at understanding odor movement based on the dog's searching behavior.  She shares her observations of both the dog and handler for the handler to better understand and read their own dog during the search.  She will share ways to be a neutral yet supportive team member while letting the dog work to problem solve odor puzzles to source in each search.

Each day will consist of lecture, discussion and demonstrations

Searches and strategies will be tailored to the level of the working team.


The clinic is limited to 10 working teams, dog must be on odor, no title is required.

Dana Zinn

Nose Work Clinic

The Conversation of Team

SCENE : Ron Gaunt Workshop -
(1st timer team - virginal to Nose Work)

Handler: After a search gone awry (as they often do) asks this iconic man
     "I was thinking...blah blah blah"

Ron: Head drops with a sigh and slow nod of 'not this again'
               "Cut that shit out."

Handler: Baffled, waiting for a pearl of wisdom, eyes eager and wide, leaning in 
              "Cut what shit out?"

Ron: Like a cowboy in his puff of smoke looks you square in the eyes
               "That thinking shit"

Little did I know those years ago that gritty sand about 'not thinking shit' was the greatest pearl of wisdom I would ever receive in K9NW.

Thank you Ron for sharing your knowledge and love for our dogs to make all our lives so much better

Jill Kovacevich, CNWI

. . . With something for everyone participating in Canine Scenting Sports

August 17-18, 2019

Rules and considerations

The clinic begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 5:30 PM Saturday; 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Sunday

Lunch will be on your own.  Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Videotaping will not be permitted without the express written consent of the presenter and host

January 26 & 27, 19

about Dana Zinn

Sue Sternberg                    July 28-29, 2018

Nose work is built for you to learn

the mindset of the dog

For more information about signing up contact Pat at K9SniffinMT@gmail.com

It's our human nature to take a learning thing and turn it into a performance thing


Dana Zinn has been working with and training dogs since 1999.  Her many years of dog training experience include working at the spcaLA as an Animal Behavior & Training Specialist.  It was the time working with dogs in the shelter that drew her to the sport of K9 Nose Work®, not only for her own dogs, but for the many dogs in need of a ‘job’ to do.

Dana was involved in the first publicly offered Nose Work class in the Long Beach area.  She not only participated but eventually assisted in instruction.  From there Dana became involved in the development of the K9 Nose Work instructor certification program.  Dana was one of the first participants to be certified as an instructor for the K9 Nose Work® curriculum approved by the National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC.  She is proud to be a founding faculty member and a supervising certifying official for sanctioned NACSW trials across the country.  She also helps NACSW run their Certifying Official Training program and is a permanent part of the Rules Committee.  In regard to K9 Nose Work®, her learning never stops as she continues to teach classes, travels the country lecturing and teaching workshops, instructs at camps and competes in trials.  One of her best memories was placing first in the 2014 NACSW National Invitationals! 

Dana has participated in a variety of canine activities such as obedience, herding, agility and, of course, Nose Work.  Dana moved from California with her family to Golden Colorado in 2008 and has brought the sport of K9 Nose Work® with her.  Since then the sport has grown exponentially and is a principal component of dog sports in the state.

Dana strives to increase her knowledge about canine behavior and instruction.  She has attended and helped coordinate many seminars featuring some of the world’s most sought after speakers.  One of her most memorable educational experiences was working with, and learning from, the renowned dog behavior expert and trainer John Rogerson.  She has traveled to England and Washington state to work with and assist him on many courses including his 21-day Instructor’s Course.

Dana is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a member of the Colorado Trainer’s Networking Group.  Dana was certified as a professional dog trainer in 2005 by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

Dana currently shares her life with her wonderful husband Ken, two beautiful children Jessica & Ben and her best learning tools--her canine partners Kudos, a Belgian Tervuren, and Winnie a Labrador Retriever.

Ron Gaunt

August 10-13, 2017

A fantastic time was had by all during the 4 day - 7 site seminar.

Registration Fees

 Working team: $250

10:00  AM - 5:30 PM Saturday

9:00 AM - 3:30 PM Sunday


August 17

Masonic Lodge #144

Worden, MT

August 18

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Billings, MT