It's our human nature to take a learning thing and turn it into a performance thing


Nosework Ethogram

An ethogram is a catalog of species-specific behavior.  Sue has created a Nosework specific Ethogram by watching hundreds of hours of footage of dogs searching and categorizing the most common discrete behaviors  By watching in fast and slow motion, we can train you eye to notice more during every search.  Come be the Jane Goodall of Nosework!

The Peeing Talk
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Dog Urination

“About two years ago I was asked to videotape and study search behaviors and put together a video presentation for NACSW scent-trained sport dogs.  At the outset, I wasn’t sure what behaviors would ultimately be useful to categorize, however, very quickly it became clear that a big problem many sport dog have was peeing in search areas (a disqualification).  Participants have a hard time distinguishing between when the dog is sniffing target odor and on task and when the dog is more distractedly sniffing dog odor, and also, along with that, about to urinate.

A dog sniffs all day long, taking in odors everywhere.  Their sense of smell so much greater than ours that their olfactory world is fairly unfathomable to us.  Entering their olfactory world and becoming End-of-the-Leash-Ethologists can make us better dog owners, trainers, observers and ultimately help us communicate better with them.

Training and Managing Dog-Dog Reactivity

This session is not just for those living with or training reactive dogs, but for instructors wanting new ways to include lessons that teach everyone with a dog to navigate in public and avoid conflicts.  Learn training and socialization technique4s before reactivity develops and how to prevent a dog from barking and lunging at the sight or sound of another dog.











Registration Fees

$90 – Saturday only

$90 – Sunday only

$170 – Both days

9:00  AM - 4:40 PM each day

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Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch

Community Based Services

3212 1st Avenue South

Billings, MT 59101

Sue Sternberg                    July 28-29, 2018

Thank you Ron for sharing your knowledge and love for our dogs to make all our lives so much better

Ron Gaunt

August 10-13, 2017

A fantastic time was had by all during the 4 day - 7 site seminar.

Rules and considerations

The seminar begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:30 PM each day.
Lunch will be on your own each day.  Coffee, tea and water will be provided throughout the day.

There will be a 15 minute break during each morning and afternoon session.
Videotaping will not be permitted without the express written consent of the presenter and host.

. . . With something for everyone participating in Canine Scenting Sports

Nose work is built for you to learn

the mindset of the dog

Day 2

Observations on Handler Path and Dog Path in Nosework

 This will not be a seminar on when to use certain handling, but rather a seminar on how your path affects your dog, how to consciously know when you are taking over a search and when to consciously allow the dog to lead the search.

In the sport of agility, much of what is taught are handling systems, and, after the dog learns the obstacles, most of the remaining lifespan is all about handling.  In the sport of AKC tracking, there is a definitive handling system taught.

In the sport of Nosework, we are often told to ‘stay behind the dog’, or to ‘follow the dog’, but little detail is given about exactly how one should handle during a search, or what these directions mean specifically.

Sue will be introducing ideas about handling an offering lessons on how the handler’s path affects the dog’s path from the sport of agility, plus introducing the concept of pushing or pulling a dog through a ‘course’ or ‘search’ in Nosework.

Video Review and Live Demos

Anyone wishing to send Sue video clips in which handler path and dog path could be analyzed, please feel free to email or dropbox footage to:

SCENE : Ron Gaunt Workshop -
(1st timer team - virginal to Nose Work)

Handler: After a search gone awry (as they often do) asks this iconic man
     "I was thinking...blah blah blah"

Ron: Head drops with a sigh and slow nod of 'not this again'
               "Cut that shit out."

Handler: Baffled, waiting for a pearl of wisdom, eyes eager and wide, leaning in 
              "Cut what shit out?"

Ron: Like a cowboy in his puff of smoke looks you square in the eyes
               "That thinking shit"

Little did I know those years ago that gritty sand about 'not thinking shit' was the greatest pearl of wisdom I would ever receive in K9NW.


​​​​K9 Sniffin' MT