Much thanks to all the participants and a fantastic presenter.  The dogs solved many puzzles to find fun hides and the handlers were great partners for them.  Lots of learning took place and the dogs left tired and happy.

The Fantastic Four/Team Building


​​​​K9 Sniffin' MT

Leah Gangelhoff, CNWI     March 3-4, 2018

Hosted by Zinn Dog Training, Golden CO           Information  at


It's our human nature to take a learning thing and turn it into a performance thing

Nose work is built for you to learn

the mindset of the dog

You don't go into a gun fight without reloading; why would you train

without your treat ready?!?!

 January 28, 2018                   Seminar with Jill Kovacevich, CNWI

Ron Gaunt

August 10-13, 2017

A fantastic time was had by all during the 4 day - 7 site seminar.